Principles of Consumer Privacy:

We Collect Only Customer Information that is needed, and we Tell Customers How we Use it:

We limit the collection of information about our custom­ers to what we need to know to administer their accounts, to provide customer services, to offer new products and services, and to satisfy any legal and regulatory requirements. We also tell our customers about the general uses of information we collect about them, and we will provide additional explanation if customers request it.

We Limit The Disclosure of Customer Information:

We do not disclose cus­tomer information unless we have previously informed or been authorized by the cus­tomer, or we do so in connection with our efforts to reduce fraud or criminal activity and to comply with regulatory requirements and guidelines. When a court order or subpoena requires us to release information, we typically notify the customer to give the customer an opportunity to exercise his or her legal rights. Further, we will not disclose or use health information for marketing purposes or use it as a basis to make credit decisions.

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